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Current Projects 
12th-Nov-2008 09:22 am
WoW RPGirl Avatar
Project 1: House Ravencrest

I've been slowly building up House Ravencrest into an actual "house" on the Earthen Ring community. It's taken a lot of research and effort to make it a believable transition, but I think it's turning out rather well.

Project 2: Journey

The continuation of a roleplay journey that began some many years ago; the paths of Krolaun the Defiant and Katja Armitanis converge once again.  For better or for worse, whichever the case may be.

Project 3: Tapestry of Fate

An on-going story project that delves into the past history of my main roleplay character on Earthen Ring, Gospel Lightfaith. The story of how she became a paladin and also the subtle nuances of how Fate is oftentimes disguised as coincidence.

Project 4: Prophecy's Child: Cold Winds

Probably my longest-standing Storyline on Earthen Ring, Prophecy's Child revolves around Gospel Lightfaith and can probably be considered an extension of the themes prevalent in "Tapestry". Mostly, however, it is derived from chatlogs and actual roleplayed events, rather than off-the-cuff written fiction like "Taps".

Project 5: Dissolution

The beginnings of a story for my little Draenei Frost Mage, Kirensa Frostweaver, who is young and full of zeal to explore this new land (Azeroth) she finds herself in. There is also the underlying mystery of the paladin that saved her, a person she feels she must find.
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